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Heat from refrigeration:

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Energy from refrigerated shelf displays -
a somewhat different heat generator!

Hot water and heating for free!
Every owner of a refrigeration or air conditioning system has the opportunity to effectively save energy. A refrigeration system consumes a considerable amount of energy to draw off heat from the refrigerated goods that would normally be discharged through air-cooled condensers (liquefiers) into the atmosphere and wasted. To prevent loss of this heat together with the appliance heat, Forstner Speichertechnik developed the FRIONIC® Waste Heat Recovery System.

A refrigeration system produces more heat than cold. The unused heat is a waste product. With the FRIONIC® this cost-free waste heat is used directly for heating service water and/or room heating.

FRIONIC - how it works


refridgerators in a supermarket

cold storage room

cool beverages from the service station...

The use of refrigeration technology is now so widespread and normal that we are rarely conscious of where and to which extent refrigeration technology contributes to global energy consumption.
Have you ever thought about how much money we pay for refrigeration and air conditioning?


Direct condensation for heating assistance and
hygienic water heating!

The FRIONIC® links the refrigeration and heating systems while ensuring a supply of hygienic service water. The track-proven technology of the Hygienic Storage System (thermal accumulator with integrated exchanger as service water heater) is supplemented by a separate refrigerant heat exchanger (condenser coils). The refrigerant of the refrigeration system flows through the FRIONIC on its way to the external condenser and condenses in the condenser coils, thereby heating the thermal accumulator. This energy can be used for both heating service water as well as for assisting the heating system. Any energy that is not required is released into the environment by external condensers as in conventional refrigeration systems.
Depending on the operating time and capacity of the refrigeration systems and the simultaneous heat requirements, the energy consumption of conventional heat generators can be lowered by up to 60%.


  • Service water
  • Room heating
  • Service water and room heating


  • Waste heat utilisation from refrigeration (waste heat recovery)
  • Optional recharging with conventional heat generators


Heating accumulator
+ Condenser
+ Service water exchanger
+ Stratification system
+ NEXT hard foam insulation
= Heat recovery management centre


Further information is available in pdf format in the download area or in German.



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