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Accumulator and storage tank modules:

Capacity-oriented heating and cooling requires a groundbreaking energy management system

Thermal accumulators and cold water accumulators vary with regard to the temperature of the stored (buffered) water. The water temperatures in the cold water accumulators range from 0 to 12 degrees centigrade and in the thermal accumulators from 13 to 95 degrees centigrade.

Due to the condensation on the accumulator surface, the cold water accumulators are sand blasted, primed with zinc powder and provided with special insulation. The accumulator can also be made of stainless steel (V2A) instead of with a special surface coating.

The FORSTNER COLD WATER ACCUMULATOR (CWA) is calculated and manufactured for each specific facility with a volume of up to 50,000 litres or a diameter of approx. 3 metres and with different pressure stages.

cold water accumulator


The thermal accumulators are divided into categories depending on the possible use of the stored thermal energy:

Service water
Product: WH Water Heater

Room heating
Product: TA Thermal Accumulator

Service water and/or room heating
Product: HS Hygienic Storage System

Standard sizes are on stock for the most common requirement profiles. Customised systems for specific facilities are calculated and manufactured upon request. The type and capacity of the incorporated heat generation systems as well as the expected heat or service water requirements play a major role in dimensioning, whereby system hydraulics and control are also included in considerations.

WH Water Heater

WH Water Heater

Hydraulic Switch

TA Thermal Accumulator

HS Hygienic Storage System

HS Hygienic Storage System


FORSTNER® Hygienic Storage System

The central element in the heating system and for hygienic hot water supply!

The FORSTNER Hygienic Storage System (HS) is a heating centre and hygienic hot water boiler in one. Solar systems, biomass boilers and all conventional heat generators can be incorporated either individually or as combinations.
Energy consumption savings for conventional heating media of up to 50 percent are quite realistic.


  • Service water
  • Room heating
  • Service water and room heating


  • All heat generating systems
  • Solar
  • Waste heat recovery


Heating accumulator
+ Service water exchanger
+ Stratification system
+ Solar exchanger
+ NEXT hard foam insulation
= Heat management centre


single dwelling home with solar front

For solar systems, heat pumps, tiled stoves etc. ...

tiled stove

The FORSTNER HS incorporates all heat generators in an optimum manner ...

fresh service water

... and supplies fresh service water at all times.


Further information is available in pdf format in the download area or in German.



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